How Smart Window Shades or Smart Gadgets Can Help Persons With Disabilities

Smart home technology is assisting people with one disability or the other in various ways. It has become mainstream and more people are embracing it now than ever before.

Smart home technology used to be exclusive luxuries as they weren’t really reasonably priced for the average homeowner, and they used to require specialized expertise to install and use. However, most of these challenges are now a thing of the past as affordable options are emerging and smart devices are becoming more user friendly.

This technology is helping people with disabilities have access to more conveniences and opportunities without losing their dignity. They are empowered to live a more self-reliant life day in and out.

Smart home technology can help to save costs and will come in handy at home or at the office. Voice assistants enable users to control entertainment hubs, electrical appliances, programmable thermostats, and home security systems hands-free.


2 Ways Smart Windows Shades and Gadgets Can Help Persons With Disabilities


Disabled people often have a hard time operating windows and shades as they might be quite tough to handle. The home should be equipped in such a way that it’s accessible, which is where smart window treatments come in.

Normal windows tend to be difficult to operate for the elderly or disabled, as they require physical strain and effort. Smart window treatments work with the help of remote control. This allows simple and ease of use that can help disabled people.

Some great options are the motorized blackout cellular shades, the motorized aluminum blinds, and the motorized natural Roman shades. Smart Blackout Shades are motorized and will help to make life easier in a lot of ways.

They are also programmable and super convenient, especially for people with disabilities such as mobility problems. They can be unable to operate many window shades because they are usually very high up on the wall.

The only hard part of Smart Window Shades is the installation process. Once the window shades have been fixed, it does not need any physical exertion to do anything.

These shades can help disabled people in many ways that we will explain in the two points below.


1.   Increased Security

A dark home with no signs that anyone is around could attract burglars. But with the use of smart window shades, such won’t be the case. The window shades can be operated while you are away from home, or automated to operate at certain times of day, giving the illusion of occupancy in the home. This can go a long way to discourage unscrupulous individuals from breaking into a home.

Although disabled people might need help with installation. A smooth-running process is guaranteed after this step. These motorized window shades are wireless and rely on batteries.

Also, because there is no much exertion to operate the window shades, accidents from climbing or trying to adjust the blinds are rare. This is very good and safe for disabled people and it allows them to cope around the house.

Other gadgets or technologies that can be used alongside smart windows to improve home security systems are listed below:

    • Install security cameras indoor and outdoor. You only need to establish a wireless connection to watch from anywhere.
    • Biometric recognition technology can be used to control devices, smart locks, smart doorbells, and other home security systems. You will be notified whenever someone is trying to enter your home with or without your approval.


2.   Convenience

There is no denying the fact that Smart Window Shades are the most convenient way for disabled people to cope on their own because they are remotely controlled. The blinds will respond instantly at the touch of a button.

The best part is that the remote control is easy to operate, whether you are lying down or sitting down. It’s also easy to schedule when you want the blinds open or closes each day once you get the motorized window shades which are perfect for disabled people.

Truth be told, these windows are also perfect for media rooms and bedrooms. Now that winter is in full gear, it can come in handy to insulate your home and protect your furniture from the harsh UV rays.


3 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Smart Window Shades and Gadgets for Disabled Persons


It can be overwhelming to build a smart home within a few days or weeks. Given this, here are some factors to note as you shop around for smart window shades and gadgets.


1.   Budget

Even though some smart gadgets are moderately priced, others are still a bit expensive. Try to design a budget after doing your due diligence. Buying from reliable brands that offer discounts during the holidays and other times of the year will help you to save money.


2.   Current Goals

Each individual has different goals that they want to achieve with smart window shades and smart home technology generally. It’s pointless to invest in a technology that won’t meet your needs. Be clear about what’s practical for you and your family.


3.   Ease of Use

You need smart window shades that will make life easier, not the other way round. Understand how the technology works and confirm that it suits your lifestyle before buying.


So, with the above explanations, you really should not have any doubts about the effectiveness of smart window shades and smart gadgets in making the life of disabled people easier.


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