It’s The Holidays & Accidents Are Waiting To Happen

It’s The Holidays & Accidents Are Waiting To Happen

With the holidays coming and going, and crazy bad weather coming and going as well it is no joke that accidents seem to be at an all time high this time of year.  Everything from car accidents, to falls off of roofs, to the cold or flu this time of year seems to try and beat some of us down. It is no joke that the stress of the holidays and families gets the best of some  of us, but there are some ways to try and eliminate some of the not necessary accidents in our lives. Hopefully this holiday season you have had an accident free one even if we can’t eliminate all the stress let’s try and eliminate some of these accidents. 

One of the most common accidents that just happen around the holidays due to weather is car accidents.  More than 418,000 are injured each year from weather related car accidents. If you are traveling for the holidays, this adds even more chance for an accident to occur.  If you go out for New Years make sure if you have been drinking to get a taxi, or an Uber, do not get behind the wheel. The amount of drunk drivers on the roads increases, so even if you haven’t been drinking some drivers around you may have been so be extra cautious.  Not only that but more people are injured from slipping while walking out even to just their mailboxes. Snow and ice makes the ground slippery. Even if you can’t see the ice on the ground does not mean the ground isn’t still slippery.  

While driving when road conditions are less than perfect, make sure you keep a good distance between you and the car in front of you.  This will allow you ample time to stop if you need to. You will want to try and avoid hard braking as much as possible. Make sure you signal well in advance and slow down to make turns.  If you do feel your car starts to skid turn you wheel in the direction of the skid do not try to overcorrect. Make sure to use ice-melt on driveways and sidewalks. Also when out in the slippery conditions make sure to wear shoes that give you extra traction.  

The holidays are wonderful times of families getting together and indulging in food and treats.  This means a lot of cooking. More than 100,000 people during the holidays end up in the emergency room due to burns.   It can also lead to food poisoning, if foods are kept appropriately or cross contaminated. 

Make sure to use hot pads and oven mitts when handling hot foods.  Make sure to keep an eye on foods that are cooking on the stove top to try and eliminate foods from boiling over or exploding from overheating.  To try and eliminate food poisoning, make sure when prepping foods to keep your hands washed. Keep food stored at appropriate temperatures to make sure bacteria does not start growing on them.  Also make sure all food is cooked through properly.