FDA Seeks More Data on OTC Hand Sanitizers

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants more time, and is asking for specific information on three main ingredients in hand sanitizers, before determining whether or not their use is “safe or effective.” Although this information was expected to be forthcoming, a lawsuit has delayed the release of the FDA’s decision. The FDA’s […]

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Are You Ready for the Unexpected? – Planning for Emergencies

Do you know what to do in an emergency?  Do all of the members of your household know what to do, where to go?  Do you have plans in place?  Do you have proper emergency supplies?  What are the weather emergencies that are usual for your area?  Because the thing is emergencies are completely unpredictable […]

Seven Lifesaving Facts to Remember in an Emergency

A crisis can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. When caught in an emergency, some people can be overcome by fear or panic. This can make rational decisions hard. The secret to making it out of an emergency is by keeping a clear mind at all times.