Senior First Aid Courses: Certification & Training

Senior First Aid Courses: Certification & Training

First aid is a fundamental skill with a myriad of applications. Once you’ve learnt the basics of it, you can use first aid in any emergency situation, whether you’re at home, at work or on the bus to school.

It’s a skill that empowers you to take action instead of feeling stressed and hopeless. The feeling of overwhelm is replaced with the calm and ease needed to assist someone who is in pain while waiting for an ambulance.

If you’re interested to learn this live-saving skill, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know about the Senior First Aid Course and what it has to offer.


About the Senior First Aid Course


The Senior First Aid Course is officially known as Provide First Aid (HLTAID003) and it has a stamp of approval from the Registered Training Organizations (RTO).

Compared to other first aid courses, Provide First Aid is an advanced first aid training that teaches you advanced life support skills and techniques.

In addition to the Provide Basic Emergency Life Support modules, this course covers specialized training aimed at helping you provide treatment in emergency situations.

Each course is modelled after a real-life situation in order to prepare the student for the practical application of the information. For instance, a park ranger has a high probability of encountering a poisonous bite in their profession. As such, the course would be customized to prepare this student for the hazards, safety measures and solutions required to remedy the situation. In addition, the student would receive basic training in CPR and first aid.


Components of the Senior First Aid


Senior First Aid is an advanced version of the basic first aid course. It offers an added module that teaches you how to offer CPR in an emergency. Senior First Aid is also meant to help the participant prepare for other life threatening situations like seizures, poisonous bites, airway management, etc.

The skills you’ll walk away with upon completion of the Senior First Aid Course include:

  • Identifying an emergency situation in order to respond swiftly and accordingly;
  • Applying relevant first aid techniques that are appropriate for the situation. This could be airway management for an asthma attack or hyperventilation, wound care, shock management, AED or CPR. Other procedures that senior first aid prepares you for include treating abdominal injuries, muscle injuries, toxic substances, exposure to extreme heat and cold, burns, convulsions, bites and stings, bleeding and cardiac emergencies.
  • How to describe the incident and techniques used to remedy the situation to an emergency response team or the workplace supervisor.
  • Being able to analyze your performance throughout an incident and the overall situation.




Students who want to participate in this course must present a Unique Student Identifier (USI). A USI application only takes a few minutes and lasts for a lifetime. This is required for all students who want to enroll in a nationally recognized training course, including Senior First Aid.


Importance of the Senior First Aid Course