3 Signs You’re Too Stressed to Sleep—and How to Unwind

3 Signs You’re Too Stressed to Sleep—and How to Unwind

Stress can do than just turn your day into something hard to endure; it can impact your nights too. Stress is something that can impact sleep, and prevent us from finding the rest we need to recover for another busy and active day. Stress often increases mental and physical attention to the point where finding the state of mind and body necessary to drift off into a restful and restoring sleep can be difficult or even impossible.

Some common factors can lead to stress interrupted sleep:

When the body won’t relax, the mind often has a hard time doing so either. If your muscles are tense and even aching, that can get in the way of drifting off.

The same goes for your pulse; if your heart is racing away, that is enough to distract anyone from finding the right mood and state of focus needed to let go and slip into sleep.

The mind can be the problem as well; stress often gets our thoughts racing just as rapidly as our heart if things are busy and delicate enough. When your thoughts won’t ease off and let you detach from the frustrations and problems that consume you, sleep can be extremely elusive.

Once the signs are known, there’s a chance they can be managed. Try to soothe the tension and relax, giving yourself a break at least until the next morning.

Key Points:

  • 1People who are overly stressed have difficulty sleeping and tired people have a hard time handling stress.
  • 2Signs of stress include excessive worry, racing heart, and tense muscles.
  • 3Breathing exercises and calming routines can ease stress and aid sleep.

You probably realize that stress can take a toll on the quality of your sleep —but you may not know exactly how or why. Basically, it’s because feeling stressed out increases your physiological and psychological arousal in ways that are incompatible with the state your body and mind need to enter relaxed, restorative sleep.

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