4 Things Hampering Your Sleep Quality and How to Fix Them

4 Things Hampering Your Sleep Quality and How to Fix Them

It is important that you get a good amount of sleep each night as not only is it extremely frustrating to lie awake all night, it can also be very damaging to your physical and mental health. Our bodies need regular rest and sleep in order to recuperate and restore immune systems, muscles, etc. It is also what we need to keep our brains functioning to full potential and is crucial for our memory. Getting enough sleep helps us to retain what we learn so that we can reference it in the future. Even though experts recommend that we get around seven to nine hours sleep a night, the average American only manages to get around 6.8 hours. This can lead to a significantly increased risk of health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as cognitive issues. There are many different reasons why you may be suffering from a lack of good quality sleep, but it is important that you work out what the issue is and make the necessary changes. To give you a helping hand, here are four things that could be hampering the quality of your sleep and how you can go about fixing them.


If you have had a bad night’s sleep, then you may find yourself reaching for the caffeine regularly throughout the day. However, this could be what is causing you to have restless nights and poor sleep quality. Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps you going, so it is important that you stop consuming caffeine after a certain time of the day. Depending on what time you go to sleep, you shouldn’t have any caffeine after around 5 pm. While you may enjoy a cup of coffee after your evening meal, you should ensure that it is decaffeinated if you don’t want it to disrupt your sleep. Don’t forget that caffeine isn’t just in coffee and can also be found in tea and soda. Therefore, you may consider sticking to water or herbal teas for your drinks in the evening.


If you have a snoring problem, then this is likely to cause both you and your significant other some issues when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Snoring can occur for many different reasons, from being overweight to anatomical abnormalities, but it can also be a symptom of more serious sleep conditions such as sleep apnea. Therefore, you should consult your doctor if you find that your snoring is getting worse or you are excessively sleepy in the daytime. However, if you don’t snore but your other half does, this can still significantly hamper the quality of your sleep. It is important that you speak to your partner about how their snoring disrupts your sleep, but try to be understanding about it. You may suggest snoring remedies that may help to ease their snoring. For example, Somnifix’s solution is simple but effective.


If you are struggling with poor quality sleep, then you may find that the temperature of your bedroom is causing this. It is important that your bedroom is a cool temperature and that if i