5 Sleep Attitudes To Fix So You Can Finally Kick Insomnia’s Butt

Many Americans today struggle with getting enough sleep. We make excuses like, “It’s not my fault! My cat is keeping me awake at night.” Or, “It’s better to skimp on sleep if it means I’m getting my workout in.” Or even, “Getting eight hours of sleep isn’t really that important. I’ve got better things to do.” But sleep is much more important than we think it is. When we sleep, our body is resetting itself, healing itself, and purifying itself of toxins picked up during the day. When we skimp on sleep, we are only hurting ourselves. Our work suffers, as well, as lack of sleep not only fatigues us but also causes us to be less focused, less creative, and less productive. It can also cause us to gain weight, as chronic fatigue can cause us to eat more. Some people think relying on medication to get enough sleep is an adequate solution, but this is not the case. We need to think of medication as a temporary solution, and learn to get more and better sleep naturally.

Key Points:

  • 1Sleep is important and not getting enough of it can have a profound impact on your life as a whole.
  • 2You are in charge of your sleep quality and patterns.
  • 3It is very possible to change poor sleeping habits.

Try some yoga in the late-evening to relax your body and mind, read a book instead of watching TV before bedtime.

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