6 Very Convincing Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked…Tonight!

6 Very Convincing Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked…Tonight!

Although many people think of sleeping naked as a way to avoid the hot summer heat, there are a number of scientifically backed reasons for sleeping in the nude. The Los Angeles Sleep Institute has discussed a correlation between poor sleep and body temperature. People are more likely to have trouble getting back to sleep because they are too hot, and sleeping without clothing allows the body to better maintain a natural temperature leading to better sleep. This better sleep directly impacts an individual’s likelihood of developing diabetes and heart disease. Studies have shown that little sleep can lead to pre-diabetic conditions which can cause diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. If better sleep and health aren’t enough, sleeping naked also helps improve male sperm count and can even make couples happier. A study conducted in Great Britain found that couples who slept naked reported the highest rates of happiness together, and the reports of happiness were indirectly related to the amount of clothing the couples wore at night. Sleep expert Neil Robinson also claims that sleeping naked positively impacts the body’s hormones which reduce stress. Robinson also said that sleeping in the nude can help the body’s circulation and improve skin health. All of these make for very convincing reasons to ditch the pajamas and sleep in the nude.

Key Points:

  • 1A less often considered reason as to why you can not sleep is supported by research done by the Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute.
  • 2It turns out many people are inefficient at regulating their body thermostat and therefore wake up overheated.
  • 3For men looking to have a 25% increase in undamaged sperm, sleeping in boxy briefs, or naked, is the way to go.

Getting a good night’s sleep has been found to directly affect your chances of getting diabetes or heart disease.

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