6 Tips for Surviving Holiday Sleep Challenges

6 Tips for Surviving Holiday Sleep Challenges

The holidays can be exciting, and that’s often why your children start becoming difficult when it’s time to get them to sleep. With so much going on, kids want to stay awake and experience it all. Parents have to remind themselves to keep to reasonable expectations; there’s only so much even the most well behaved son or daughter can do to obey when they have visions of trips and parties and presents dancing through their heads. Especially trips; travel can often be even more exciting for some children than the thought of getting a gift. Travel takes them away from the known, into something new and different.

When you’re going to be traveling far enough that the time will change significantly, consider trying to reset your child’s sleeping schedule before you leave. If they’re already used to going to bed a few hours earlier or later, in sync with the destination, bedtime will go easier away from home. Making some arrangements to maintain a certain level of consistent expectation in routine and daily events can also help your kids adjust to the wonders of being away from home for a time. Bringing some activities or last minute plans that can stand in should your kids push the night late with their disinterest in sleep can also be a parental savior.

Key Points:

  • 1Parents who plan ahead for the disruption travel represents to their children can get a jump on the bedtime battles to come.
  • 2Having some late night activities ready to go should your children be reluctant to fall asleep can save you both some headaches.
  • 3Even though you’re away from home, bring some familiar comforts such as favored pajamas or stuffed animals to soothe the kids when they lay down.

Ah, the holidays. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…except when it comes time to get your children to bed.

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