8 Diseases That Have Fatigue As The Main Symptom

8 Diseases That Have Fatigue As The Main Symptom

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms people bring up when describing how they are feeling. There are several different types of fatigue – physical, mental, and emotional. Doctors state that people underestimate how stress can manifest itself in forms of fatigue, and that patients feel better after the stress has been alleviated. Fatigue is a large symptom of several more serious diseases – underactive thyroid, adrenal insufficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome, anemia, diabetes, depression, endocarditis, and sleep apnea. For some of these, such as sleep apnea, fatigue is a direct side effect. Another symptom is loud snoring. For others, such as depression, the cause of the fatigue is more vague. Chronic fatigue syndrome is more than just feeling tired, patients are described as being so tired that every day tasks are hard to complete. An underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) is one of the most common sources of fatigue – 11 million Americans suffer from hypothyroidism. This disease also has side effects of weight gain, constipation, and dry skin – but fatigue is the number one symptom. Fatigue is the number one symptom people notice before being diagnosed with other ailments, so being able to judge fatigue is helpful in finding a proper diagnosis.

Key Points:

  • 1Fatigue is an extremely common symptom of disease, but has many different variations.
  • 2Weight, and weight related conditions such as thyroid problems or diabetes can impact fatigue levels.
  • 3Depression is a common brain disorder that is difficult to treat and has fatigue as a hallmark symptom.

Our society builds this belief that you should be on the run all the time, but that’s not sustainable for many of us,


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