Bed Partner Often Fuels Loved One’s Insomnia

Bed Partner Often Fuels Loved One’s Insomnia

A study was conducted on people with insomnia who shared a bed. Insomnia is the inability to sleep well. Findings that were presented on June 5th in the sleep journal indication that your partner may actually be hurting your insomnia in their effort to help with insomnia. Tactics like going to bed earlier, sleeping in, drinking caffeine do not work. In addition when your partner offers to read in bed with you or watch TV with you in bed, these can actually hurt your chances of getting a goodnight sleep. When partners recommend these things, the people having trouble with sleep find that they feel supported, however the help is not really helpful!

Sleep specialists are starting to look at bed partners to help in treating people with insomnia. It turns out that their behaviors have a large effect of those who cannot sleep.

Having a good partner who supports you in your insomnia may make you feel more supported, but there is a problem. The issues with insomnia can start to take their toll on the partner by way of added stress. The pressure to allow your partner a goodnight sleep could be backfiring in more ways than one might think.

Key Points:

  • 1If someone you love has insomnia find out what can be done to prevent it from getting worse.
  • 2Learn how common suggestions to someone with insomnia could be making things worse for them.
  • 3If your bed partner has insomnia find out how it could be detrimental to the sleep health for both partners.

Australian sleep specialists found that when a loved one had insomnia, the partner’s suggested solutions — including watching TV or going to bed earlier — often backfired.

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