Bedding Care 101

There are few constants in everyone’s life, the things we all do every day regardless of who we are, or what else we’re doing. One of those constants is sleep. We all need it, and without it everything else becomes harder. Lack of sleep, or an inability to get good restful sleep without tossing and turning, can manifest a variety of medical or mental problems that would otherwise not be afflicting us. Medical research has shown stress, high blood pressure, ability to focus and think clearly, just to name a few, can all be linked to or worsened by sleeplessness.

The often forgotten mattress is the place to start when you decide to get serious about making sure your nights don’t ruin your days. Your mattress, your bedroom, should be a restful and comfortable haven where you can relax and drift off without having to work for it. Sleep should come easily, and refresh you. Everyone has preferences and tastes, so build yours into your bedroom.

Ensure your space is inviting and relaxing, with pleasant colors and decorations. Wash sheets and pillowcases regularly so they smell fresh and stay soft. Don’t feel like investing in a great mattress or even a luxurious set of sheets is an indulgence; you need sleep or everything else becomes harder. Invest in yourself, by investing in your bedroom.

Key Points:

  • 1Wash your sheets weekly with warm, not hot water, to help clean them of dirt and sweat, and not to shrink the fibers.
  • 2Enclose the pillow in a zippered cover that goes between the pillow and the pillowcase.
  • 3Try to use a duvet or comforter cover for easy removal and easy washing.

I have pillows on my beds that are 10 to 15 years old.
Don’t keep tossing and turning. Take care of your bedroom, and it’ll take care of you. Sweet dreams.
Have you ever wondered the best way to take care of your bedding? Find out here, including tips on how to take care of Sheets, Covers, Comforters, and more!

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