Why a Blanket Can Be Key to Getting Zzz’s on the Road

Having a blanket with you when you travel can be a great asset when attempting to sleep. Since having a temperature in the mid to high 60’s is optimal for human sleep. A blanket that is lightweight but able to cover as much of the body as possible is what would be most effective. Since someone who travels may not always have access to a temperature control device. Having a blanket with you can also be a comfort since it is something from your home that can always remind you with the feel, smell, and appearance of it.

While having a blanket is highly encouraged, taking a certain blanket of weight and material is crucial for travel. Delicate or fragile materials such as Cashmere or Silk blankets would not be able to withstand the trials of traveling and would be ruined as a result, meanwhile heavy blankets such as wool would not fit in an economical bag for travel, or worse would be too warm for most. A lightweight blanket that could be made of thin cotton or even microfiber would be best since it is light, and can be folded up neatly even in the smallest of bags. This small gesture to yourself could benefit you and bring you comfort even when you are hundreds of miles away from home.

Key Points:

  • 1Between 60 and 67 degrees Farenheit, is the recommended right temperature for sleep.
  • 2You should use the same blanket every night so that you become accustomed to sleeping when you have the blanket.
  • 3You need a blanket that covers your whole body and doesn’t leave your feet hanging out.

The right temperature is crucial to falling asleep and staying asleep. It’s natural for your body temperature to fall as you fall asleep, hitting its lowest point in the early morning hours.

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