One major important activity in your road trip schedule should be getting enough sleep. If you are driving while on less than the needed amount of sleep for you to function properly is dangerous. It is dangerous because you can cause an accident. Accidents due to drowsy drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel is preventable.  Warning signs that you are too tired to drive:  driving too close to the car in front of you, drifting into other lanes, missing road signs, or repeated yawning.

Sleep is easy. You just rest. If you rest you won’t get in a road trip accident. There are certain techniques and strategies you can use during road trips to prevent drowsiness and to prevent accidents. Resting frequently and switching drivers is a good idea. Start your trip when you are most alert.  Overall, if you find yourself sleepy, not able to keep your eyes open, or if you find that your body wants to shut down, just pull over. When you are on a road trip make sure you located designated rest areas so you can rest along the way. It would be more better for you to sleep and rest than to crash.

Key Points:

  • 1Drivers should be aware of signs of drowsiness, such as their mind drifting or missing a turn.
  • 2Start driving when you are most awake to reduce chances of an accident.
  • 3Be aware of the medications that you take to see if there are any effects like drowsiness.

Drowsy driving accidents are more likely to occur early in the morning, during the midafternoon, and late at night.


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