The Connection Between Hydration and Sleep

It is important to get plenty of rest as well as be hydrated. You may lose body fluids quicker if you have a sleep disorder such as apnea which which causes one to snore more and forces a person to breathe through their mouth. Non-caffeinated drinks are best to drink for good hydration throughout the day.

A lack of drink fluids can cause leg cramps as well as leave one feeling groggy and unrested throughout the day. Women require approximately 91 ounces of fluid daily between meal and food intake. Men require around 125 of their fluid intake as well.

Poor daily performance in your daily routine such as your work and exercise can result from lack of proper hydration. If you hydrate at night prior to going to sleep and are regularly going to the bathroom throughout the night, a condition called Nocturia could be the cause. It is recommended one spread their hydration out evenly throughout the day before bedtime.

Alcoholic drinks can make a person lose hydration and body fluids a lot quicker. a very dry environment such as a bedroom with no cool air, may cause one to dehydrate as well much quicker. Proper hydration helps one sleep better.

Key Points:

  • 1Being dehydrated before going to bed will lead to interrupted sleep.
  • 2You lose fluids while sleeping caused by mouth snoring and drinking alcohol before bed.
  • 3Don’t leave hydration before bed because this could cause multiple trips to the bathroom.

Good hydration requires more than guzzling a bottle of water before bed.

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20. November 2017
20. November 2017
I barely drink water in a day. I usually drink water only every after meals. i used to have coffee like 2 to 3 mugs a day. I know I?s not good that is why I am preventing myself to take any juices or soft drinks. But I am going to work this out to help me have a good sleep.


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