Do you feel tired all day long even if you have gotten a good nights rest? Many people go through this day after day simple feeling weak and tired day end and day out. Studies show that women seem to have this complaint much more than men. Once all medical test have been resolved and there are no issues there, it is hard to determine what is exactly causing these feeling of weakness and being tired all day. It can come from a many different life struggles such as stress, life behaviors which include smoking, drinking and using drugs. Try to rid your life of stress and unhealthy polutants to your body. Doing this can and will change the way your body feels each day. You will begin to have much more energy with a clean mind and definitely with a clean body.

Key Points:

  • 1There is more to tiredness than lack of sleep. Emotional , social and psychological factors send signals to our brain indicating sleep deprivation.
  • 2Improving dietary intake, decreasing mental exertion and altering our social circles can improve quality of life.
  • 3Positively altering our food intake , increasing physical activity and incorporating a multivitamin in our daily routines can have a positive impact on the messages our brain receives.

According to stats, one in every five people complains about unusual tiredness, while one in 10 people experiences chronic fatigue. Women are the common victims of generalised weakness than men.

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