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Looking for a quality tips for a good night’s sleep? You will find 5 of them here, ranging from slightly obscure to potentially previously unheard. Similarly, these tips may be incredibly impacting for the troubled sleeper or it may provide at least a brief and informative read. The content includes making salient a few common habits, like drinking a cup of coffee or how much light you can allow into your sleeping quarters. It seems likely that poor sleepers would likely benefit from informing themselves on the damaging impacts that we impart on ourselves throughout our day. We see the impact that computer and screen use has on sleep as well. Often poor sleepers turn toward distractions early in their stages of circadian disruption.

The No Nos List

  • Do not check your email or phone or any type of screen.
  • Do not have a before bed alcoholic beverage.
  • No coffee after dinner.
  • Close your curtains – eliminate light from outside.
  • No late night snacking.

While the writings here do not dive heavily into the science behind their writings, it does provide an essential short list of the “don’t” (no no) behaviors contributing to sleep problems. Perhaps the most surprising issue discussed here is the affect that eating has on poor sleepers and it strongly suggests that one limits themselves to not eating late into the evening. It does not provide and exact time, as the scientific community is at odds. This brief read is a worthwhile list that may help the limited insomniac looking for ideas.

Key Points:

  • 1Checking electronics before bed reduces the amount of melatonin the body produces.
  • 2Caffeine should not be consumed within 3 hours of going to bed.
  • 3Eating before bed does not allow the body to process the meal and can impact sleeping.

A quick tipple or two may sound like a relaxing proposition, but don’t be fooled by that warm fuzzy feeling.


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