Five Ways To Keep Your Bed Cool At Night

There are five ways to keep yourself cool in your bed at night:

Start cooling down before bed
Locate your bed in a cool spot
Use the cool side of the pillow
Freeze your sheets
Take complete control of your temperature

Exercising before bed can increase your body temperature and wake you up, making it harder to stay cool throughout the night. Also, replacing alcohol and heavy foods with a cool glass of water at night can reduce your temperature. The location of your bed can reduce how warm it can be throughout the day; if your bed is on the second of third floor you can move it to a lower floor. You can also close the window shades and keep the bed out of direct sunlight. Throughout the night you can turn your pillow over to use the cooler side or purchase products aimed at keeping pillows cool. An example of this is a cooling pillow which can have three to five hours of cooling effects. You can also get some extra thirty or forty minutes of cold bedtime using bedsheets you’ve placed in the freezer and pulled out just in time for bed. You can increase the amount of cooling time using the Egyptian Method, which constitutes soaking sheets in water, wringing them dry, then covering yourself with them while the water evaporates. Finally, to take total control of your temperature at night you could purchase a cooling pad or mattress which can drop your temperature by 2 degrees. One such example of a cooling mattress pad is ChiliPad which allows 55 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature control. These are five great methods to reduce your temperature on a hot summer’s eve.

Key Points:

  • 1Five ways to cool down before bed and stay cool in hot weather.
  • 2Keep the bed cool, out of direct sunlight, freeze the bed sheets, or buy cooling products such as special pillows and mattress pads.
  • 3Do not eat or exercise before sleeping as that warms up the body.

Your body is not meant to digest foods while you sleep, not only could this lead to potential weight gain but it could lead to heartburn and poor sleep. Instead, opt for a glass of cold water to cool down and curb hunger before bed.

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