How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep in a Hotel

Hotel sleeping is difficult for some people. It is fun to travel and see new places but many people find it difficult to sleep in a strange environment or away from their own beds. Before choosing a hotel, make sure the sleeping environment is comfortable with a supportive mattress and selection of pillows. Request a room away from elevators. If the hotel room is too noisy to sleep, request to be moved to a different room. Use the bed in the hotel room only for sleeping and not for working, eating, or leisure activities. Travelers should avoid eating large meals before bedtime, just as they would at home. Ask the hotel to provide white noise machines and black-out curtains for the room. People can always bring their own pillows from home to be more comfortable. Personal pillows are especially important for people with back and neck problems.

Key Points:

  • 1Although it’s fun to see new places or visit with friends and family, staying in a hotel means you are not sleeping in your own.
  • 2Make sure your hotel provides you with a quiet sleep environment with a supportive bed and a selection of pillows.
  • 3If there is too much noise or other disturbances, ask if you can move to another hotel room.

Consider bringing your own pillows especially if you suffer from neck and back pain. This way you know you will be comfortable.

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