Global Sleep Crisis Study Reveals Why We’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

A new study out based on research collected through a smartphone app reveals why people are cutting back on their sleep. 6,000 people over the age of 15 participated worldwide.

Number one reason why people don’t get enough sleep – SOCIAL PRESSURE!

You will be surprised at who is at the greatest risk – Middle-aged men get the least amount of sleep.

Around the world the average amount of sleep per person falls between 7 hours 24 minutes to 8 hours 12 minutes.  That is only a difference of 48 minutes.  People all over the world are more alike in sleep patterns than different.

Women sleep on average 30 minutes longer than men.

The study also showed that people exposed longer to natural light everyday often go to bed earlier.  So that office with a window could be important.

Key Points

  • 11 in 3 American adults is not sleeping the recommended minimum of seven hours.
  • 2Chronic lack of sleep increases the chances of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • 3Lack of sleep adversely affects your cognitive ability.

Impaired sleep presents an immediate and pressing threat to human health


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