Good, Fair, or Poor: How Well Do You Sleep?

Good, Fair, or Poor: How Well Do You Sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation graces us with a results spectrum about our sleep. They remind our overall health is important. Sleep is known to be part of that overall health. Traditional habit suggests getting the right amount of hours (usually thought at 8) will maximize this overall health. The NSF suggests this may be an imbalanced/unhealthy belief.

Instead they say that the type of sleep you get is more important. Rather than the quantity, the quality. Quality, not quantity. The NSF believes that taking steps towards quality ‘knowing’ is a good way to know what quality sleep is.

  • One way to identify quality sleep is by counting how long it takes for you to get to sleep (rather than how long you’re sleep).
  • Another is how many times you wake up (i.e. how many times do you actually have to sleep..). A choppy sleep cycle may indicate chaos which is a close warning indicator of unhealthiness. With that, of course, is how long you’re awake for when you do wake up (i.e. between sleeps).
  • And, of course, with that thought comes how long is your actual sleep.

Some quick suggestions about correcting these potential correct warning signs include turning off the TV and getting cooler air flow in the room. Quality counts!

Key Points:

  • 1How long it takes to fall asleep determines good sleep.
  • 2What total time in bed are you asleep, and do you stay asleep?
  • 3Improving the quality of your sleep is as important as the hours you are sleeping!

The quality of that shut-eye also plays a role in a person’s wellbeing; in fact, sleep quality relates more strongly to overall health than sleep quantity.

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