Healthy Sleep Tips For Women

Healthy Sleep Tips For Women

As women we always feel as though we never get enough sleep. Either we are busy all day at work, with kids, or other various house errands. When we finally go to sleep either its limited by the hours or its just not very comfortable. We try to fix this by going to bed earlier, buying mattress pads or getting massages. However, these things never seem to have long lasting effects. This article provides a list of several healthy sleep tips for women and some are very surprising. The tips are things like warm bath or shower before will help the muscles to relax easier, making it easier to sleep. Also, limiting the noise in the bedroom is one of the best options because it can be very unsettling to try and go to bed with a bunch of background noise. As women we already do not sleep as easy as men do, because they can seem to sleep in almost any type of environment. The sleep poll conducted for this article, even stated that the majority of women experience unsettling sleep patterns at least a few nights a week. Women need to do things to sleep better because they do so much on an average day.

Key Points:

  • 1Maintaining a cool sleep environment or taking a warm shower or bath before bed may help women sleep better.
  • 2Avoiding stimulating substances such as caffeine or light, like from televisions or cell phones, may also improve sleep.
  • 3Relaxation or other stress coping mechanisms can set the right mindset for women trying to improve their sleep cycles.

Our 2007 Sleep In America poll reports that two-thirds of women experience a sleep problem at least a few nights each week and as many as half report waking up feeling un-refreshed.

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