Helping Kids Sleep Well When Naps End

Helping Kids Sleep Well When Naps End

We rejoice in our child’s growth and development.  But are you looking forward to nap time ending? Most of us love that break from parenting.  Infants shift from two naps to one and then toddlers shift to no nap at all.

Signs for Nap-Time to End:

  • When they do nap you have trouble getting them to sleep at night.
  • Child is taking 45 minutes or more to fall asleep for a nap.
  • Child is sleeping 11 to 12 hours at night.


Tips for ending Napping:

  • Shorten the naps by waking your child after 1 hour of sleep.
  • Nap every other day.
  • Turn nap time into quiet time. Let them have a time of quiet play, reading, coloring, listening to music.
  • Move bedtime up to eliminate an overtired evening.

**Preschoolers should get 10 to 13 hours of sleep a day.  All children are unique so follow your child’s cues to figure out the right sleep strategy.

Key Points:

  • 150% of all children stop napping altogether by age four.
  • 270% of all children stop napping by age five.
  • 3Be prepared for a crabby child while you are working all this out.

Skipping an afternoon nap doesn’t mean your child is ready for constant action from morning to night.

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