Here Are A Whole Bunch Of Ways To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

There are many things one can do to help them fall asleep faster. The biggest recommendation is to drink water instead of food before you go to sleep. A lot of the times, people mistake hunger for thirst. Water is really filling, and has more benefits than food right before bedtime. If you have to eat before going to bed, it is best to keep it light. A snack 300 calories or less is best. Some examples are fruit, raw vegetables, high fiber cereal and low fat cottage cheese. Eating before bed is also a bad idea because it can lead to heartburn which is not good  when trying to fall asleep. It is also a bad idea to be on your phone within thirty minutes of going to sleep. The light from the phone actually prevents melatonin from being released, and makes it much harder to fall asleep. Reading a book is a great way to relax, and is a great activity to do before bedtime. Stress can keep people awake, so doing something that helps reduce stress and relaxes you is a great thing. It is also not a good idea to drink alcohol right before bed, because it can make you sleep really heavy the first half of the night, but can be disruptive to sleep in the second half of the night. Stick with water, low calorie snacks, if you have to, and reading before going to bed to help ensure falling asleep quickly, and getting a full nights rest.

Key Points:

  • 1The best snack before bed is water is what research as well as experts recommend.
  • 2If water is not enough, fresh fruits, vegetables, and even peanut butter is better than heavy snacks.
  • 3It is better to read than to fiddle with your phone before bedtime and it should be put away a good bit of time before you expect to fall asleep.

The best thing to snack on before bedtime, to satiate end-of-day cravings, is, according the the experts, water.”

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