Here’s Why Sleeping With Your Dog Is Actually Good For You

Here’s Why Sleeping With Your Dog Is Actually Good For You

Should you allow your dog in your bedroom, in your bed?  Could it hurt your sleep?  There is good news for all the dog lovers out there.

The Mayo Clinic looked at 40 adults who either slept with their dog in their bedroom or even on their bed and this is what was found:

  • Sleep quality was not compromised.
  • Dogs in the room and not on the bed slept slightly better than those with pets in the bed.  But both slept fairly well.
  • Pets did disturb their owners sleep more than those that slept with another human in the bed.
  • Some pet owners found great comfort in having their dogs in the room or the bed and this improved their sleep quality.
  • Dogs do dream and can be quite active in their sleep.  If this is the case your pet may be more disruptive than is good for you.  If you have multiple pets you must multiply the chances for your sleep to be disrupted.

This was a very small study so it may not extrapolate to the population as a whole.  But don’t despair if you want to sleep with your pet you can try it, many have success.  But do keep in mind, good quality and quantity of sleep is important for your health.

Key Points:

  • 1A study of 40 people and their dogs was examined on their sleep habits.
  • 2The study demonstrated that people who had dogs in their room had an 83% sleep efficiency.
  • 3This was lowered to 80% for people who had their dogs in bed with them.

The researchers found that having a dog in the bedroom did not necessarily compromise sleep quality, as had previously been suspected.

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