Household Allergens That Could Be Affecting Your Sleep

Household Allergens That Could Be Affecting Your Sleep

Having allergies can result in a loss of sleep, and thus leading to overall decreased happiness and productivity. This loss of sleep results from nasal passages that have been irritated and inflamed by inhaled allergens. The body reacts to the invasion of these allergens by producing histamines, which cause reactions intended to remove the allergens from the body. The resulting symptoms can make it difficult to breathe, which in turn makes it difficult to sleep. Many allergies are seasonal, but there are also many caused by things that are found around the house.

Pets are one common source of allergens. People can be allergic to many parts of a pet, including their dead skin, urine, fur, and saliva. To minimize pet allergies, it is best to keep pets away from sleeping areas and to groom and clean up after the pet on a weekly basis.

Dust mites are microscopic allergy causing organisms that live in dust and are found all over the house. To avoid dust mite allergies, it’s best to protect your mattresses and pillows with dust mite covers and to wash sheets in hot water to kill them.

Mold causes some allergies, and it can grow in any damp area. Mold prevention includes minimizing humidity and cleaning places like bathrooms frequently. Leaks should be fixed as soon as possible.

Household fragrances, such as air fresheners, laundry detergents, and candles, can also cause allergies. To avoid these allergies, keep any object with a strong scent out of sleeping areas.

Another key weapon in avoiding allergies is to regularly clean or change the filters of any vacuums, air conditioners, and heating units in the house. This will prevent any captured allergens from recirculating inside the house.

Key Points:

  • 1Breathing problems often have a serious impact on the ability to sleep, and the quality of what sleep you get.
  • 2Allergies usually affect your breathing, narrowing airways and triggering your immune system to make every breath harder.
  • 3A good bedroom cleaning, and maintaining it, can help keep your sleep from being affected by your allergy responses by reducing the allergen count.

Impaired slumber can lead to fatigue, decreased productivity, depression, and memory problems.

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