How Weather Changes Ruin Our Sleep (And How To Fight It)

How Weather Changes Ruin Our Sleep (And How To Fight It)

Changes in weather and season can affect the sleeping patterns of millions of people. And that can affect mood, general outlook on life, and factor into the activities of those same people. Modern science, fortunately, is able to identify factors and reasons why these changes hit so many, so we’re not forced to fall back on old fashioned conventional wisdom where no one truly knows what’s going on with the changes.

Winter is a period in the Earth’s orbit when there’s less daylight, which reduces the amount of sunshine people living through that winter can soak up. Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D that doesn’t require us to consume it from dietary sources. When there’s less sun, and less time to be out in it, that lowers how much vitamin D we can absorb. That, in turn, has been linked to lower serotonin levels, which will have direct affects on mood and fatigue levels. Making time to sit outside and enjoy the sun can be the difference between depression and feeling normal.

In the summer, temperatures rise. Most people sleep better when they’re cool, not hot. That heat can impact their sleep cycle and keep us from reaching the deepest stages of sleep that are necessary for good mental and physical health. Air conditioning might not be enough though; you should make sure to structure your diet and general activities to not impact your sleep schedule, and make sure your sleeping attire and environment is comfortable.

Key Points:

  • 1The best way to prevent too many sleep changes is by maintaining a steady sleep schedule.
  • 2Sleep is easier in the winter because with the cooler temperatures we can always add more covers.
  • 3Sleep is harder in the summer because when our body gets too hot we don’t produce some beneficial hormones, that only occur during deep sleep.

From allergies to illness to other health issues, snoring is something which affects at least half of all people at some point in their lives.

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