‘I Went Camping To Fix My Broken Sleeping Pattern’

‘I Went Camping To Fix My Broken Sleeping Pattern’

Going to sleep used to be so easy. The day would end, the sun would go down, and maybe you might read a bit next to a lamp; but then you’d hit the sack and that was that. For the most part, being in bed meant you were falling asleep. Not anymore. In today’s increasingly modern electronic world, the bedroom is a wonderland of distractions that get in the way of the one key function of that room; sleeping.

Tablets, phones, laptops, televisions and more; they all conspire to disrupt a time honored routine that worked for millions. These days, we lay in the bed with a tablet propped up before us while we stream Netflix, a laptop open while we surf the web.

The issue with these modern conveniences is they can throw your natural circadian rhythms off. When your body clock doesn’t line it’s expectations for rest periods with yours, which happens when you spend all your time in front of screens, you toss and turn the night away. Morning comes, and you’re left without rest and cranky.

Getting away from the modern distractions can be just what the doctor ordered. Camping, where you leave civilization behind and spend some time out in the sun and moon in the natural cycle of the planet, can help your body adjust to something that doesn’t threaten your ability to sleep when it’s night and be awake after dawn comes. Just focus on nature, not your phone.

Key Points:

  • 1In modern society we tend to have “late circadian and sleep timing”.
  • 2Late circadian and sleep timing contributes to negative performance and negative health outcomes.
  • 3A weekend camping, or other prolonged exposure to natural light, can help reset our bodies’ natural timing.

And for someone who used to pride themselves on clocking up eight hours sleep each night, now only getting four hours, despite spending seven tucked in bed glued to my iPhone, wasn’t ideal.

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