Night Sweats in Men & Women Causes & Treatment Medications

Night sweats is a very common problem for many people, both women and men. Night sweats can be caused by any number of things ranging from medications to hormones. Since the cause can be from a large number of medical reasons, it is best to be diagnosed by a medical professional so that they can treat the symptoms properly.

Often times, night sweats (or excessive sweating during sleep) can be misdiagnosed by individuals due to an unregulated sleeping environment. This can be caused by too warm of a room temperature, or possibly wearing too warm of clothing during the night. One of the most common occurrences of night sweats happens when women are going through premenopause or menopause. This change in the body can cause women to have severe night sweats. One of the other most common causes is medication that one is taking for other symptoms, such as medications for diabetes or antidepressants for depression. Other neurological issues could also be causing the body to sweat.

Given all of the different causes and symptoms associated with night sweats, it remains one of the more difficult medical conditions to diagnose and treat. Night sweats however are mostly harmless and not dangerous to your health but can be a sign of more severe conditions that exist.

Key Points:

  • 1Excessive sweating at night can be caused by a variety of health issues including menopause, infections and some cancers.
  • 2Excessive night sweating can be caused by medications such as antidepressants, aspirin, acetaminophen and steroids.
  • 3The treatment of excessive sweating at night varies, so your doctor needs to determine the cause of your night sweats before prescribing treatment.

In one study of 2267 patients visiting a primary care doctor, 41% reported experiencing night sweats during the previous month, so the perception of excessive sweating at night is fairly common.

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