How serious is Persistent Insomnia?

Persistent insomnia is a serious sleep disorder that affects millions of people in the United States. Persistent insomnia, which is sometimes called chronic insomnia, is characterized by the inability to sleep that persists for several nights. This type of sleep disorder can last for months depending on the gravity of the problem.

Tips For Pain Management At Night

In recent times, pain management has developed and evolved newer and effective treatment methods. Some of the traditional techniques, which were used to lessen pain in birthing and surgery, are now being used to treat other kinds of pain symptoms. The commonly employed treatment methods include; medications, physiotherapy, radiation therapy, TENS or Transcutaneous electrical stimulations, […]

In Home Hypobaric Chamber Or Altitude Chamber

Hypobaric chambers are also known as altitude or decompression chambers. They are primarily used for training and experimental purposes. They are used during high altitude research or training to simulate the effects of high altitude such as hypoxia i.e. low oxygen and hypobaria i.e. low ambient air pressure on the body. Chambers for temperature and […]

In Home Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used as a primary or adjunctive treatment to treat various medical and surgical conditions. It is also an effective anti-aging treatment and is also used in the treatment of sports injury. Nowadays with the availability of portable hyperbaric chambers, patients no longer need to travel long distances in order to find […]

Your Infant and Sleep (Beware of SIDS)

In the United States, there are 2,500 families that weep every year after the parents find their sleeping babies dead. The pain and the trauma are just too heavy to bear, and it may take a lifetime to recover. The culprit to be blamed for these situations is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Are you resolved to get more rest and a better night”s sleep? Then check this out:

If your New Year’s Resolution is to get more sleep, than this is perfect for you.  Nap26 is a 26-minute CD that you download into your iPod or MP3 player.  It uses binaural beat technology to relax the brain into sleep and wakes you up again in 26 minutes.  A NASA study has proven that […]

Sleep Apnea

According to recent statistics, at least 12 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a health condition that happens when one’s breathing during sleep stops for a while, usually 10 seconds or longer. Its severity is measured by the frequency of episodes per hour, 5 to 45 times per hour. Do you think you may have […]

Get More Sleep

One of the best ways to be more alert during the day and to feel more rested in general is to get more sleep. This simple activity will great aid in helping your memory. The more we are able to sleep, the better we tend to feel. But one of the most frequently asked questions […]

Insomnia in Infants and Children

Silent Night: Treating Insomnia in Infants and Children There are some people who have problems falling asleep each and every night. If they do, chances are they are afflicted by a psychological sleeping disorder called insomnia. Usually, people suffering from insomnia blame this for too much stress, worries, depression and a very worrisome life. People […]


You”re young and beautiful, you”re popular, and life is just one great party.  In fact you”ve been partying practically every night since summer started, and it”s natural that you haven”t noticed how much sleep you”re NOT getting.  Look at your eyes and skin. Are there any tell-tale signs of sleep deprivation?  What”s your energy level […]