Reasons That Rain Makes You Tired

Reasons That Rain Makes You Tired

It’s a human constant; we react well to sunny days, and less positively towards rainy ones. But why is the rain such a downer for so many? When the weather forces you indoors, medical research has linked that to mood and personality changes. And, also, shown a number of factors linked to basic biology that indicate why a dark and dreary day can affect us so noticeably.

Part of it is that darkness, how the visibility of a previously clear day closes in and contributes to an increased feeling of claustrophobia. When we look out, and can’t see very far, that does more than just make us wonder what we can’t see. It sets off internal cues that make us think of night time, of sleeping; affecting our biological clocks. Even if the affects are mild, simply being even a little sleepy can have a dramatic effect on the mood of some people.

The sound of rain on the ground can also set various things off inside us. Particularly for urban dwellers, man made sounds tend to fade into the background and sound normal. Raindrops are a natural sound, but they go much further back, and can again activate mental triggers that lead toward lethargy and sleep.

And finally, sunlight is a natural way to absorb vitamin D without needing to consume food or liquid. When the sun is blocked, that source is of the substance is interrupted, and that can turn into a longer term feeling of fatigue.

Key Points:

  • 1Rain naturally helps us to relax because it get’s dark, humans have a biological response to close their eyes when it is dark.
  • 2The sound of rain is soothing and blocks out loud noise, creating a white noise atmosphere that is good for sleep.
  • 3Sunny days help us get our body moving and that creates adrenaline, on rainy days we move at a slower pace and that can make us feel tired.

The drops of rain has a rhythm and pattern, like a lullaby. This triggers a physiological response of drowsiness.

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