Regular Sleep Makes for Happier College Students

In an age where so many of us are on the go, Science attempts to grasp the short term effects of this busy body lifestyle on the sleep of college students. Researchers at M.I.T, Funded by the United States National Institutes of Health have recently undertaken the task of understanding short term sleep irregularities in a study of more than 200 college students between the ages of 18-25.  After a month long trial, research subjects who kept sleep diaries it was found that sleep irregularities have a profound impact on the general well being of the subjects.

Well being of course equating to happiness, healthiness, and calmness during the week. The results serve to educate us on the effects of sleep irregularity.

A few of the research subjects who didn’t normally maintain a regular sleep schedule reported increases in their general feeling of well being after starting an appropriate sleep schedule. So many of us these days are ignorant of the cascading effects of a disturbed sleep schedule. The research study conducted has helped society to understand the negative effects and consequences on well being associated with sleep irregularities. Understanding a problem is the first step towards solving and treating it.

Key Points:

  • 1We found that week-long irregular sleep schedules are significantly associated with lower self-reported morning and evening happiness
  • 2Irregular sleep-wake schedules are common in our modern society
  • 3“Our results,” she added, “indicate the importance of sleep regularity, in addition to sleep duration, and that regular sleep is associated with improved well-being

Students who made an effort to establish reliably good sleep habits after a period of having not done so, ended up with an improved sense of well-being, the researchers said.

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