Research Shows Camping Good for Sleep

There was  some research done from the American Sleep Association about whether camping is good for sleep. In this study the American Sleep Association showed camping will recover sleep patterns. We have so many distractions going on late into the night that can keep us all awake. We can’t get any sleep at night for watching late night television shows, cellphone, on the laptop or loud music playing.  These are affecting our sleep patterns and causing us to keep waking up not properly rested.  Scientists have discovered evidence that points toward additional sunlight exposure can recover good sleep patterns. These findings were published in February’s issue of Current Biology. No matter what time of year we are in, just spending a few days outdoors in nature, without any electricity for distraction, will reset the biological clock of the body and lead to earlier bedtimes and better rest. Having excessive daytime sleepiness, lowers productivity and focus, causes mood disorders, diabetes, obesity, and substance abuse. A Mr. Kenneth Wright from the University of Colorado Boulder noted that these findings show that modern environments lead to interrupted sleep and disrupted circadian rhythms, no matter the season; however, taking a weekend camping trip can restore these rhythms as well as melatonin levels.  Just a week  outdoors under a summer sun could shift those biological clocks to factory settings, allowing one to get to bed early. And increasing our time outside during winter months led to earlier bedtimes by about an hour.

Key Points:

  • 1People who do activities at night like reading, using a computer a night, or watching TV typically experience a sleep loss.
  • 2Studies have shown that exposure to artificial lights and electronic devices can lead to a delay of two hours on the biological clock which leads to sleep disruption.
  • 3People who want to restore their standard sleep patterns can do so by increasing their exposure to natural sunlight.

No matter what time of year we are in, a few days outdoors in nature, without electricity for distraction, will reset the biological clock and lead to earlier bedtimes.

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