Sleep Better with the Sniffles

Sleep Better with the Sniffles

People who are well rested are often more resistant to illness. Research shows that getting less than six hours of sleep on a nightly basis leaves you as much as four times more likely to become sick with a cold. This is often a complicating factor when you do become ill, even if you were getting enough sleep prior to the sickness taking hold. Now that you aren’t feeling your best, your sleep often suffers, and this can further compromise your immune system just as it’s working hard to help you recover.

While medication and a doctor’s care can certainly help, there are simpler and less expensive tweaks you can try to help you get the sleep your body needs so you can get back to feeling your best.

If the humidity is low, that can be very irritating to your nose, throat, and lungs. Consider boosting the humidity in the air in some way, perhaps with a humidifier. When you lay down, position pillows or yourself to keep your head elevated; this will assist drainage from your nasal passages. Blow your nose often, even if you need to keep tissues with you in bed. And nasal strips such as athletes use can help keep your nose open wide so you can breathe, which can help you sleep easier.

Key Points:

  • 1Sleeping at least seven hours a night will decrease your chance of getting a cold.
  • 2Putting a humidifier in your room puts moisture in the air and can help you breath better
  • 3Use a saline rinse to flush out mucos.

Elevating your head allows the nasal passages to drain properly, making it easier to breathe as you sleep.


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