Sleep Deficit: The Performance Killer

Sleep Deficit: The Performance Killer

Sleep deficit is a serious problem affecting people around the world. It is a serious cause of automobile and other safety accidents. There are four primary causes behind lack of sleep.

  • The first is homeostatic drive for sleep, this can be deadly after going hours without sleep. When the pressure builds high enough the brain switches off.
  • The second cause is when the cumulative amount of sleep over time is lacking. This begins to build up sleep deficit reactions and has the same outcome.
  • Circadian phase is the third reason. It works in conjunction but opposite of the homeostatic drive. During normal sleep scheduling it sends out signals keeping us awake during appropriate times.
  • The final factor is the sensation when we first waken, sleep inertia.That time period is important to allow us time to transition from wake to sleep so we can function at our peak levels.

Sleep deprivation is an important issue for companies and the public. More states are implementing and enforcing laws in regard to driving accidents while tired. Companies need to have polices and educational programs to promote healthy sleep practices. Both the employers and employees need to be sure safety is first in correct sleep habits.Sleep drugs should be a last result and used under the care of a doctor.These drugs can cover a an underlying issue that can do more harm.It is better to find other forms of therapy such as CBT to treat these sleep problems.

Key Points:

  • 1Sleep deficits can affect you in many ways at work, at home or elsewhere in your life.
  • 2Cutting back to five or six hours nightly will have huge effects down the road.
  • 3Watch those deficits over time and find time to relax and build that time back up.

Many executives already realize that the immediate effect of sleep loss on individuals and on overall corporate performance is just as important.


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