The Health Benefits of Sleeping Cold

The Health Benefits of Sleeping Cold

When you are trying to sleep a lot of different things can factor into how well you sleep at night.  Temperature plays a big role in how well you sleep. There is nothing worse than waking up covered in sweat, or trying to get comfortable when it is just too hot.  On the other hand though too it is awful to wake up in the middle of the night shivering because you are too cold. There is a fine line between too cold, too hot, and the perfect “Goldy Locks” temperature of just right.  It is said that sleeping in a cooler room has more health benefits to you. If you are struggling to have a good night’s sleep than you may need to adjust the thermostat. 

Sleeping cold can help you fall asleep more quickly at night.  This is because when your body is ready for sleep the brain signals to the body to cool down.  This helps your body slow down. If you room is too hot or cold it is hard for your internal thermostat to adjust to make it easy to fall asleep.   People with insomnia tend to have higher core body temperatures. This can cause the brain signals for sleep to not happen as easily. It has been shown that people with insomnia if they sleep in cooler conditions are more able to get sleep at night.  Thirty percent of people have insomnia. And when researched the most common factor in insomnia patients is the temperature in their bedrooms. Just as it is uncomfortable to sleep when it is too hot, it can be uncomfortable to sleep when it is too cold.  Too cold temperatures will cause your body to shiver, which will make it to where your body won’t allow sleep, it is keeping your body awake to use up the energy to warm your body up. 

Sleeping cold is shown to have health benefits, not only helping people with insomnia.  But what is too cold? Since there is a line between too cold and cold enough for a comfortable sleep.  The best range is to keep your bedroom between the temperatures of sixty and sixty eight degrees. Unless you have an infant, their bedroom needs to be warmer or it can lead to your baby developing hypothermia.  You can achieve this temperature by less bed covers, black out curtains to keep the sun from heating up your bedroom, or even simply keeping the blinds closed during the day. Other ways to keep your room cool is to open a window or lower the thermostat at night.  Some people who live with someone else where sleeping between sixty or sixty eight degrees is just too cold can us a cooling pad in bed. This can just cool the person laying on the cooling pad instead of the entire room. If your bed is made of memory foam this can hold a lot of heat, and isn’t breathable at night.  Using a cooling pad on top of your memory foam mattress will help keep you cool during the night so you don’t wake up extremely hot.  

Sleeping cold increases your melatonin production.  Melatonin does a lot for your body.

  • It helps regulate menstrual cycles, enhance your mood, helps with weight loss, helps promote brain health, and even produces cancer-fighting properties. 
  • Melatonin is also helpful in the anti-aging process, because extra melatonin that is produced turns into an anti-aging hormone.
  • Extra melatonin production can help you lose weight at night. This is because when your body is producing the melatonin your body will turn that extra production into stored fat, caus