Sleepless Nights Plague Many Women in Middle Age

Having nights that are sleepless plague many women that are in their middle age. New research has shown that many women are resorting to counting sheep at night, because they cannot get some shut eye. The study found that 20 percent of women that were aged 40 to 59 had issues with their sleep. The women reported to having trouble falling asleep at least 4 nights a week. The sleep issues were even more common for women that were about to go through menopause. More than half of the women that were menopause aged were got less than seven hours of sleep per night. Even after menopause, women continued to experience problems with their sleep. One expert said that none of this should surprise any woman who has been through menopause. One of the main reasons behind sleepless nights is hot flashes that women experience. Women can have really high body temperatures and this brings them out of their sleep throughout the night. There are more reasons for the sleepless nights. There are many changes going on in women in their later age and this affects their sleep as well as many other areas of their life. The stage of menopause the woman is at plays the biggest role in their sleep.

Key Points:

  • 1Almost 20% of all middle-aged women had trouble falling asleep.
  • 2The problem is worst among perimenopausal women, but continues to affect women once they reach menopause.
  • 3However, poor sleep quality is a bigger problem for menopausal women.

In terms of sleep quality, however, it was postmenopausal women who were at the biggest disadvantage

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