Surprising Connections Between Our Well-being and Giving, Getting, and Gratitude

Surprising Connections Between Our Well-being and Giving, Getting, and Gratitude

A good nights sleep is beneficial for your physical health but this study looked at how a good night’s sleep is beneficial for your relational needs.  Yes, good quality sleep and enough of it and you will feel more grateful and more loving to your fellow man.

If you have a grateful heart you will be happier and healthier.  And unfortunately if you are not getting good sleep and the proper amount of sleep you will be less appreciative of others.

Participants recorded their sleep for two weeks and reported on how grateful they felt.  Researchers found that those that had poor sleep the night before were more selfish.  Tired people are generally more irritable.

Couples who are not getting enough sleep are less grateful toward each other.  If you are having relational issues it may be wise to make sure you both are getting required rest.

This study also looked at those that give money away.  And giving money to others or buying things for others brought happiness to the giver.  It also looked at what we buy  and how that affects our gratitude/happiness.  And spending money on experiences like vacations, meals and concerts brought more happiness than material purchases.

Key Points

  • 1A good night's sleep makes you happier.
  • 2A good night’s sleep makes you get along better with your partner.
  • 3A good night’s sleep helps you get along better with your fellow man.

“Poor sleep is not just experienced in isolation,” Gordon says. “Instead, it influences our interactions with others, such as our ability to be grateful, a vital social emotion.”


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