The 15 Month Sleep Regression — What to Expect

The 15 Month Sleep Regression — What to Expect

Sleep regression in babies happens in 3 month intervals and is highlighted by fussiness, waking up in the middle of the night, taking fewer or shorter naps, and having changes in appetite. The main cause of these sleep regressions is the child’s body is beginning or in the process of growth.

Two milestones are reached at 15 months of age. The first being the child’s new ability to walk independently. The second is the child going from taking 2 naps per day down to 1 nap. During this transition it’s normal for children to fight against taking any naps at all.

Less sleep during the day makes getting to sleep at night difficult while overtired. A few ways to support your child in the 15 month regression is to give them more time to calm down before bed, be calm and caring when they get upset, try to be more flexible about nap times, keep a predictable bedtime routine, and don’t transition to 1 nap a day until they are sleeping through the whole night. Now that the child is cared for you need to take care of yourself. Sleep regressions are temporary and will pass. Be patient and keep your good habits and soon you will be having fun with a toddler who only takes 1 nap per day!

Key Points:

  • 1Some signs that your baby is going through a sleep regression include fussiness, wakefulness and changes in appetite.
  • 2Unfortunately, your baby’s 15 month sleep regression occurs hard on the heels of the 12 month one she just had and it can be very grueling to go through.
  • 3The fifteen month regression is a challenging one as it coincides with the time period when many babies are learning to walk and transition from two naps to one.

All sleep regressions occur because your child’s body and brain are preparing for — or right in the middle of — a major developmental change.

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