The Brain Benefits Of Deep Sleep — and How to Get More Of It | Dan Gartenberg

The Brain Benefits Of Deep Sleep — and How to Get More Of It | Dan Gartenberg

Everyone needs sleep. It’s where the brain recovers and recharges us for the next challenges we have to face. But getting good sleep, that’s efficient at that recovery level, can be challenging. Sleep scientists study this problem, and many think the modern interruptions in our circadian rhythms are a central factor in why so many of us struggle to drop off into slumber, sleep through the night peacefully, and awake the next morning ready to tackle the day.

Our circadian rhythm is what our brain and body use to control energy levels. Until recently, there wasn’t extensive worldwide research being conducted into the circadian rhythm and how it can affect us. Part of this has been cultural. In many nations around the world, not being able to get enough sleep on a regular basis can be considered a tough and necessary burden to hold up under.

Whole market segments have sprung up around helping people get good sleep, or better sleep, or both. Scientists are naturally curious about these, and some research is ongoing into investigating various devices or techniques. One that shows promise involves sound; that specific sounds played during the night, when we’re asleep, can have the effect of inducing more efficient deep sleep. Brain scans have shown there are some beneficial effects for the right sounds that happen at the right time.

Key Points:

  • 1The lack of sleep will cause major issues if not fixed quickly.
  • 2Lack of sleep makes us more prone to pain signals
  • 3Deep sleep is the most important aspect of sleeping well.


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