The Most Boring Podcast On Earth Is My Favourite Thing – Here’s Why

The Most Boring Podcast On Earth Is My Favourite Thing – Here’s Why

Insomniacs often have trouble shutting off their brains when it comes time to sleep – they ruminate on past embarrassments, potential future story lines, mistakes and errors, or random nonsense. These rambling, constant thoughts can easily keep a person awake at night, but there is a tool they can use to stop these thoughts.

A podcast called Sleep With Me is the answer to stopping the barrage of night time thoughts and letting your mind focus on exactly what the narrator is saying – nothing.

The narrator tells a pointless, winding story about nothing relevant. He speaks in a low, calm voice and tells a detailed story about nothing in particular – a recipe, a description of a home, or anything else that may cross his mind. These stories allow the listener to listen to the story without actually having to follow anything. It effectively distracts them from their constant thoughts, while not actually distracting them enough to make them pay attention to the story being told. Instead, they focus on the reader speaking, but not what he is speaking about. Combine this with the lights off, being ready for bed and tired, and you will be asleep in no time.

Key Points:

  • 1New Podcast is designed to put you asleep by talking in a boring, stream of consciousness.
  • 2Things talked about on the podcast are purposefully impossible to follow.
  • 3It may take a few listens of the podcast for it to actually work.

It sounds crazy, but it works. It’s hosted by Drew Ackerman, who is—by his own admission—not a sleep expert, just someone like me who has struggled his whole life with insomnia, which means he gets how frustrating it can be to not be able to fall asleep.

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