This 50c Breakfast Staple Is Scientifically Proven To Help You Sleep Better

This 50c Breakfast Staple Is Scientifically Proven To Help You Sleep Better

Eggs have been shown to be a great source of melatonin, which is a hormone that helps the body sleep, and stay asleep. Many people’s diets are low in melatonin which can lead to poor sleep conditions. The recommendation for eating an egg, or eggs about two hours before sleeping has been shown to increase the quality and duration of sleep. The recommended way to eat eggs before sleeping is as a light snack, and without any additional sweets. The best method of preparation of the egg, is a hard boiled egg. A hard boiled egg would be a great light snack to intake melatonin before sleeping and encourage healthy rest.

So, does this mean that eggs in the morning will cause drowsiness? Luckily, no. Eggs have been shown to help those with poor sleeping quality, rather than making people who eat eggs drowsy.

So if you find that eating eggs before sleeping helps you rest, are you worried about eating eggs everyday? The good news is, there has been no evidence to show that it is harmful to eats eggs on a daily basis. So if your night time hard boiled egg helps you sleep, then stick with it!

Key Points:

  • 1Eggs contain melatonin and various other vitamins that can assist those who suffer from poor sleeping habits.
  • 2Consume the eggs 2 hours before bed but not part of a full meal.
  • 3Eggs are safe to eat everyday and a very nutritious food.

Yep, the kitchen staple that’s more commonly associated with brekkie (and dessert), can literally transform your sleep.

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