Why You Should Sleep in a Cool Bedroom

Turn down those thermostats at night, not only will it save on the heating bill every winter but studies are showing it will help with other health factors as well. It appears to be that though we humans have jumped in the evolutionary ladder our bodies did not evolve with us. Winters cold is good for us. Our bodies need it to help stave off the fat. Obesity could be caused by our need for warmth. Keeping the sleep area cool could promote the brown adipose tissue to grow and do its job. Brown adipose tissue also known as brown fat has one job and that is to burn that excessive fat rather then storing it in all the wrong places. 55-65 degrees is the suggested ideal temperature something to keep you cool with a light shiver so that your sleep is not disturbed, they also recommend sleeping with out blankets and sheets. The goal is to maintain the temperature around your skin to be 90 degrees. So for comfort, if you need a blanket turn down the thermostat some more. Find your comfort zone for getting the adequate cold and still maintaining a great sleep. Give it a try and see if your health improves, see if you can loose those extra love handles, and maybe find a more conducive sleep.

Key Points:

  • 1Scientists are now believing that lack of exposure to cooler temperatures may be detrimental to our health.
  • 2It is not about being cold all the time, but finding the right balance of air temperature and body temperature.
  • 3Cooler temperatures also act as a signal to the brain that it is time to go to sleep.

On cold winter nights, my husband and I often have the same argument: I want the window open, he wants it closed. I think it’s because he grew up in a house where the thermostat always stayed at 21 Celsius (70 F), whereas mine had a wood-burning cookstove in the kitchen that heated downstairs but left the rest of the house feeling like an ice box.”

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