Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

It’s a fact that women need more hours of sleep per night than men, however, they are not getting it. There are many reasons why women are not getting the quality or quantity of sleep that they need on a regular basis. Sleep during pregnancy can be difficult because of excess weight gain and the position of the fetus. Hot flashes during menopause can also pose a challenge to getting a good night’s sleep. Sometimes a partner’s movements and sleep habits can negatively affect a woman’s ability to sleep well. Women also tend to be worriers and lose sleep as a result of not being able to calm their mind before bed. According to The National Sleep Foundation, regular exercise, sticking to consistent bed and wake times, and limiting the intake of caffeine and alcohol can all help a woman improve her sleep. If she’s unable to get a better night’s sleep employing these techniques on her own, she should consult with her doctor to see what else she can do to get a better night’s sleep long-term.

Key Points:

  • 1Do women need more sleep than men? Yes, according to Dr. Jim Horne , Britain’s leading expert in sleep science. In an article published in the Daily Mail , Horne explained that on average women need twenty more minutes of sleep than men.
  • 2The researcher pointed out that women tend to multi-task and use more of their actual brain than men leading to a greater need for sleep. Essentially, the more you use your brain during the day, the more it needs to rest while asleep.
  • 3While women need more sleep than men, many are not getting the proper amount. There are several factors that may affect women’s quantity and quality of sleep: Sleep disturbances during pregnancy due to excess weight and position of the fetus. Difficulty sleeping during menopause due to hot flashes. Being woken up and moved around on the bed by the partner. (Men tend to be larger than women) Worrying about problems and losing sleep as a result.

If insomnia persists, women can talk to their doctors about sleep to determine other steps they can take to improve their sleep.

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