You Can’t “Catch Up On Sleep”

You Can’t “Catch Up On Sleep”

We always feel like we can never get enough sleep as it is. When we feel that way we try to find the best ways to catch up on the hours we missed. We feel going to sleep early to get more hours will fix the issue. The feeling of knowing you didn’t get enough sleep is one of the worst feelings because nobody likes to feel tired. In fact, according to the article and Harvard’s Medical study, trying to compensate for hours lost makes a person even more sluggish. Their reaction times are off and they have an extreme lack of focus. Which makes you wonder how people can go in and work late night and early morning shifts, because they have to be up the entire night. When you are in a working environment and have not had any sleep, you will not be at your best. Also, if there is a critical situation, who is to say you are fit to handle it? People who work those shifts have a terrible sleeping pattern. They sleep during the day and are up all night. When they have a day off, they try to sleep as much as they can, but they fail to realize that will not solve their problem.

Key Points:

  • 1Shift-workers suffer the most from performance loss based sleep deprivation.
  • 2Keeping the same time schedule on weekdays and weekends is better for you.
  • 3That the real issue is that there is really no way to catch up on sleep after being deprived of it.

According to the study, even when you sleep an extra 10 hours to compensate for sleeping only 6 hours a night for up to two weeks, your reaction times and ability to focus is worse than if you had pulled an all-nighter.”

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