Your Best New Year’s Resolution — Better Sleep for the Whole Family

Sleep is key to feeling normal and staying ready to deal with whatever life brings to bear against us. Being better rested is key to good brain function, keeping control of your appetite, and basically staying well prepared to handle the next issue that inevitably crops up. Children are no different, and it’s actually even more important they get enough sleep so they can keep learn and develop normally.

Being a kid is hard work, and the classic nap is a classic for a reason; kids need more sleep, and get tired more easily. If they’re up and about starting at dawn, usually by early afternoon they’re in need of some rest. Even if you’re traveling, finding the time and space to get them that midday rest can keep the end of the day from devolving into a cranky disaster.

Whether at home or away, a regular bedtime routine can ease your child into sleep with fewer issues. Spending time with your child during bedtime, helping to shut down and drift off, can help teach them how to do just that. Minimizing exposure to screens from television and computers in the hour before it’s time to hit the sack can help as well. And finally, don’t forget you. Even mom and dad need sleep, so grab some shuteye.

Key Points:

  • 1Better sleep habits are important for the parents, as well as children.
  • 2Getting more sleep gives you a more positive outlook on life.
  • 3More sleep leads to better neurological functioning for the parent and child.

Better sleep is one New Year’s resolution that will help you keep up with every other resolution you make this year.

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