X-ray of human brain

All about Strokes

A cerebrovascula accident or stoke occurs when blood supplies to the brain are disrupted. This causes brain cells to die. Some of the causes of a stroke include narrowing of the small arteries in the brain or hardening of the arteries leading to the brain.

Cholesterol in veins

High Cholesterol Symptoms

Cholesterol is a substance in your bloodstream that is similar to fat that your body uses to produce bile in the liver, to store bile in your gall bladder and to make the cell membrane of every cell in your body. Without cholesterol we could not live, but too much cholesterol is not a good […]

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

High blood pressure (hypertension) is no laughing matter; it can lead to heart attack, heart failure, vision loss, leg pain, kidney failure, and stroke (TIA) Trans Ischemic Attack.

Stroke Symptoms

According to the website, the best method of determining if someone is having a stroke is this little anagram F.A.S.T:

Are You Having A Mini-Stroke?

It is very likely that you had a mini-stroke and did not know about it. A research by the Stroke Association found that 68 percents of people do not know the symptoms of mini-stroke, and those who did said that they would not have done anything about it. No wonder that 128,842 Americans die of […]

Load On Tomatoes To Prevent Stroke

It is always gratifying to learn that something we love to eat is actually good for us. Tomatoes are one of the basic foods of Western cuisine and we love them in all shapes and forms. With juicy tomatoes, it is easy to cover our basic requirements for vegetables even if you do not like […]

Blood Pressure: Know Your Numbers

Exactly what is blood pressure? Every doctor visit begins with blood pressure checks, a shaking of the head or a smile and a pat on the shoulder. What does all this mean? “Your top number is good; the bottom number is a bit off.” Knowing what these numbers mean can actually contribute to your good […]

What Is A Resting Heart Rate?

The resting heart rate of the body (commonly called RHR) is the number of contractions of the heart that occur in a single minute while the body is at complete rest. This number will vary depending upon the age, gender, and general health of a person. There will also be a large difference in the […]

What Are We Smoking?

In their latest Morbidity and Mortality Report, CDC reported that the use of smoked tobacco (read cigarettes) declined between 2000 and 2011 by 27.5 percents. Good news, right? Not exactly. During the same period, consumption of non-cigarette smoked tobacco (read pipe and lose tobacco and cigars) increased by 123 percents. What is going on?

Heart rate

Brain Basics: Preventing Stroke

According to, less than 20% of hospitals in the United States are stroke certified. The National Stroke Association is an organization that works to assist stroke victims and their families and caregivers with educational programs on care and prevention and stroke awareness. But it seems to this writer that it would be best if […]