You Can Quit Smoking

Quitting is hard. If you have tried to quit smoking, you know how hard it can be. It is hard because nicotine is a very addictive drug sometimes it can be as addictive as heroin or cocaine.

Many people have found that including physical activity in their program to quit smoking has added a tremendous benefit to assist in quitting. There are many reasons for this: When people are more active, they gain confidence and like themselves more. They feel more energy, and are more capable of dealing with tension in their lives. With increased activity, the smell of tobacco actually becomes offensive. Whenever you feel the need to smoke after you have decided to quit, get up and move around instead. A brief physical activity can provide you with the lift that you may have received from nicotine.

Look at the following Reasons for Quitting: –

  • You will live longer and live better.
  • Become a high-energy person without cigarettes.
  • Quitting will lower your chance of having a heart attack
  • Reduce the chance of Cancers of the lung, mouth and throat
  • Relax and enjoy the pleasure of relaxation without cigarettes.
  • Deal with your tensions without a cigarette.
  • If you are pregnant women, this will improve chances of having a healthy baby.
  • The people you live with, especially family members will be healthier.
  • Save money.

Consider the following question: – How and when do you want to quit smoking?

There are only two ways to effectively quit smoking, immediately (cold turkey), or gradually. When you quit gradually, you use various methods to taper off before you have that last cigarette. Neither way is better than the other for all people. Pick the one that you feel fits your temperament. Either way, a nicotine patch may prove to be a real benefit in giving up, especially if you are a heavy smoker.

Try this test to see which way is better for you.

Answer the questions by choosing “yes”, “no”, or “not sure”.

  1. Stopping smoking is one of the most important things in the world for me right now.
    Yes         no             not sure
  2. I can handle a tough problem without a smoke.
    Yes           no             not sure
  3. I have to quit smoking and my reasons are good enough to do it now.
    Yes           no             not sure
  4. If I quit this minute, I know I can find a way to resist the craving to smoke, even if it is strong.
    Yes           no             not sure

If your answer to all of the above questions is ‘yes’, you may be a candidate to quit immediately.

Set a time to quit. If not right now, then tomorrow, but do it!


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