5 Things Rehab Centers Won’t Tell You

Research says that more than 23 million Americans are engaged in some form of addiction, be it alcohol or drugs. Addiction is a plaque that deteriorates the normal pace of life of an individual. Unfortunately only a small percentage of addicts go forward to get medical treatment for addiction. The business of rehab centers is worth $19 billion, which is defined by many as an underrated figure. There are many myths that continue to hound rehab centers that which is why a lot of people despise visiting such places. In this article we will tell you five things about rehab centers that they won’t tell you. Keep reading to know more.

  1. The success rate is less

A lot of people think that undergoing a rehab program necessarily means that one will get out of the issue. However, the truth be told, there are very few people who return to the normal pace of life. Out of all the survivors, many return to their previous habits after experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. The success rate of any rehab center is never high, as they claim. Though they might have the best facilities in town, that doesn’t mean they’re able to cure every patient.

  1. The treatment costs more than predicted

One of the primary reasons why a lot of addicts despise visiting the rehab programs is the price they have to pay for it. If you visit any rehab center for the first time, they will always give you an underrated figure of the price. With time passing by, treatment centers add multiple treatments to the rehab program that inflates the budget. Hefty costs of rehab programs cannot be afforded by every addict out there.

  1. The treatment will take more time than expected

The most common myth that continues to hound a rehab program is it takes not more than four months. However, contrary to what most people think, rehab programs often take a lot of time, especially if the addicted person gets admitted in his/her worst condition. Addiction has different levels according to the emotional and physical damage that has occurred. In some cases the program might take six months to complete.

  1. The treatment program doesn’t have it all

An ideal rehab program is one that is a combination of medical and psychological treatment. During addiction, a lot of people lose their self-confidence and suffer from mental health issues. Rehab programs help people in keeping up with the rest of the world. However most rehab programs don’t have it all. Even if they have the most lucrative advertisement, they will offer a different price for everything, and you’ll have to aggregate everything to reach a figure.

  1. The staff is not top-notch

Most rehab centers don’t have highly qualified staff members. If you ever visit a rehab center, don’t get carried away by beautiful nurses and handsome men in the medical staff. Most of them work on average salaries and thus don’t have magnified qualifications. If you want good quality services for a loved one you must check Florida rehab centers to see the quality services being provided. Staff members in most centers, with the exception of a few, have less educated staff members working for them.


If you are looking for a suitable rehab center for your loved one or a friend, always read client reviews on the company website before registering for a program.


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