My Alcohol Intake

My Alcohol Intake

If you are feeling that your alcohol intake is too high, you may need to consider cutting down or quitting. It is not easy, but if you know that your alcohol consumption is under control you can better enjoy your weekends.

To control your alcohol intake you might want to discuss your plans with your family doctor since stopping altogether can cause irreversible problems. When you drink, mentally or physically write down how much you are drinking. It is a good idea to figure out your daily blood alcohol concentration or BAC, and set alcohol drinking limits. Perhaps if you change the way you drink this will help with alcohol intake and develop alternatives to drinking. Look for ways to develop self-care and stress management skills.

Wish fulfillment is thinking drinking alcohol is healthy. From the strange idea that a bit of alcohol is good to help a newborn sleep to the weak research of the past decade that claim alcohol is a mild relaxant and analgesic, there have always been justifications of why people drink.

The best way to determine your alcohol intake is to determine how much alcohol is in the alcoholic potions you are drinking. A standard drink is defined as representative servicing of an ingested beverage which contains a precise amount of alcohol. In the United States the standard is 14 grams of alcohol per drink. Canada lists the standard as 13.2 grams and in the UK the standards is 8 grams. If you travel to Japan know that alcohol contents per drink range from 21.2 to 28 grams.

To make the variation between drinks and alcohol intake it might be worthwhile to explore the typical drinks that are consumed. Wine is typically 12 percent alcohol, but can vary from 4 percent in wine coolers to 19 percent in dessert wines. You will find that liquors of various types range around 40 percent alcohol content but everclear contains 95 percent alcohol.

The variation in size between glasses also determines your alcohol intake. One rule of thumb is the narrower the glass the less it contains and the wider the bowl of the glass the more alcohol content is in the beverage. This is a bit obvious, but if you experiment you will find the differences a bit surprising.

What is the bottom line? If you wish to maintain a healthy body, keep your dignity when drinking, and if you do not want to be addicted to alcohol consumption you must limit your intake carefully. Once you begin to drink heavily the urge to drink continues and you will find that you cannot live without alcohol intake. It is hard to stop drinking and denial about your drinking habits is characteristic. Control your alcohol intake by taking responsibility for the amount you drink.


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